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We also can provide any material for the post frame building and more. From framing material, steel siding and trims. Doors, windows, garage doors, sliding doors, Dutch doors, bale doors. Everything pre-finished maintenance free. Plus, all hardware! ANYTHING YOU NEED, WE CAN PROVIDE!!

Commercial Construction Building

Commercial Construction

Let DEH Construction Inc. help you create one of the best investments you will ever make for your business! Our pole building designs are completely custom made and designed. This enables us to create a commercial solution best built around your business' needs, versus picking a template floor plan from a catalog.

All of your interior finishes, drywall, insulation, trim work, painting and floor coverings will be completed to your specifications – we do not leave the job until it's done.

We are able to offer a wide variety of solutions for your new pole building. Customize your building by choosing from the following options:

-solid or split sliding doors
-entry doors -overhang and flush eaves and gables
-windows and cupolas
-foam or fiberglass insulation

We design our commercial buildings from Gettysburg, PA to Frederick, MD keeping safety in mind without sacrificing aesthetics. And, we can easily address all types of foundation challenges and climates. For more information on our commercial pole buildings, contact us to talk more about how we can engineer a custom quality solution for your needs.


Commercial Building Commercial with Porch
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