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We also can provide any material for the post frame building and more. From framing material, steel siding and trims. Doors, windows, garage doors, sliding doors, Dutch doors, bale doors. Everything pre-finished maintenance free. Plus, all hardware! ANYTHING YOU NEED, WE CAN PROVIDE!!

Residential Building

Residential Construction

As one of the most reliable home builders in Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, DEH offers a wide range of residential construction styles and options. From classic to modern, we build energy-efficient homes to save you money over the long-term.

We also offer additional features such as small custom built sheds to large detached garages, and we can match finishing touches like roofing color and trim to your existing structures. Our sheds offer tremendous value as they are both functional and attractive. They are easy to customize to fit both your needs and budget.

Our custom garage designs allow homeowners to add on a space for their cars and trucks without breaking the bank. Whether you need to free up storage space in your home or create a game room or workshop, DEH can help create a new, useful space.

When summertime comes around, homeowners turn to their pools for luxury and comfort. These pools also need to have filter systems, and that is where pool houses come in. At DEH, we can compliment your pool with the perfect pool house solution.

As a bonus, the addition of a new pool house, detached garage, or outdoor storage unit adds value to your home! No matter what the project is--or how big or small--DEH Construction will work with you to make your vision come to life. We happily serve Gettysburg, PA, Hagerstown, MD, Frederick, MD, and surrounding areas!


Residential Building Residential Garage
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